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I signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon!

Yes you read that right! I signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon in July. I have been playing with the thought of a half marathon for quite a while now and I decided it was time not to be a chicken anymore! I was sold on the race when I saw I would be running across Golden Gate Bridge. I guess running across the bridge should be on everyones bucket list right? I admit, the awesome medal you get also helped. I am hoping for nice not to warm not to cold weather, but then again it starts at 5.32AM. Yes there is that. I did not see that until I signed up.

I have been running between 3-4 miles a few times a week for a while now so I think I will be able to train myself for this. Any good advice out there? Feel free to share!

San Francisco Half Marathon


I hope I will have as much fun as these guys!

ImageI mean, this is cool!

Roti Indian Bistro

Roti Indian Bistro: My favorite indian restaurant of all time!

I discovered this amazing restaurant when I was living out in the sunset a few years ago and it’s still the best indian I have ever had! It’s located at West Portal, which is a cozy little small town within the city itself. The street has multiple restaurants, lots of small mom and pap shops, and an cozy old theater redesigned to be a movie theater.

Roti Indian Bistro has a great atmosphere with warm colors and great authentic pictures from India. The restaurant appears to be family owned and the staff is really nice. What I assume is the owner is always there and very attentive. He has even offered me a free dessert or some tea on the house multiple times, I guess become I have become quite the regular:)

I love their Vegetable Pakoras as an appetizer and the Chicken Korma with Rice and Nan for the main course. The food is truly the best Indian I have ever had!Β I currently live downtown in Nob hill and even though it’s a good 20-30 minute drive to get there, I am there whenever I can convince anyone else to join me!:)

Roti Indian Bistro- best indian restaurant in san francisco

Roti Indian Bistro

Direction Roti Indian Bistro

Direction Roti Indian Bistro