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About me+ repolished.comI am Hege, a Norwegian girl living in beautiful San Francisco! Are you already wondering how to pronounce my name? I will not be offended if you mispronounce it, but the right way to say it is with a “G” as in “get”.

I am a creative and very curious young woman! I My favorite word as a kid was “why?” and “why not?” as you can imagine to my parents biggest frustration. That’s why I now know that Giraffes are mute and how to change a door knob! I am definitely a planner and love everything in list form. However, my favorite activity when traveling, is to get lost in the streets and truly take in the culture of a new place. I am hard working, passionate about what I do and usually have a smile on my face!

This blog initially started as a way to keep friends and family back in Norway up to date on everything and even though it still serves that purpose, it has now morphed into something more. I love sharing my ideas and will always give you my honest opinions on favorite fashion finds, fun DIY projects, my attempt at being healthy and fit, awesome tips, recipes and other fun stuff. Sharing is caring, right?

Some of my blog posts have been featured on Huffington Post and Apartment Therapy.


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If you want to contact me, please email me at hege@repolished.com or leave a comment! :)


    1. On the cake recipe, you say to leave out some cinnamon, but you omit where to add it back in. the 2nd you say to wipe dough that’s Chinese to me, I never heard that phrase before in baking and last,` You say to add another layer of apples, but you never stated if the dough went in the round dish first and then put slices in and then add more dough then add the last apple slices, you have really confused me, an I have done a lot of baking .Please advise.

  1. Thanks for sharing this page on Fab Femal Bloggers, on FB! WOW, a marathon good on ya!
    I can’t knit either, although I have been trying to learn, and ended up taking up crochet – you shoudl try it.

    1. Hi Lorinda! Thanks for stopping by :) The half marathon was a pretty big deal for me so awesome to have completed one! Do you run? I’ll definitely give crochet a try! I don’t know why I never got the knitting bug, but I guess I just don’t have the patience and somehow it always ends up crocked!

  2. Hi, Hege. I came to your blog by way of a Facebook post by Daytona Strong who was sharing your skillingsbollekake recipe. It looks delicious, as do so many of your other recipes. I am a Norwegian in Los Angeles. I write about exploring all that LA has to offer, with a special interest in pursuing my Norwegian heritage. I look forward to returning to your blog for more recipes and travel ideas!

    1. Thank you so much Patricia! So excited you stopped by the blog and I’ll be sharing more Norwegian recipes soon :) Where in Norway are you from?

      1. I’m from Oslo. I go back every summer and spend time there and in Kragerø. I visited Bergen as a teenager but would love to go back for another visit. Have you considered writing a post about visiting Bergen?

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