DIY distressed and ripped knee jeans!

DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans8A while back I did a big purge of my closet and realized that I have a LOT of jeans. They all fit, but they are all the same, just different washes. Mostly skinny jeans with a few boyfriend styles mixed in here and there. I basically wanted to get rid of half of them, but that would have been such a waste. So instead of throwing away or donating perfectly fine jeans, I decided to give a few of them a little old school DIY makeover for spring and summer. 

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This spring’s fashion trends include so many new jeans trends, and I wanted them all, but let’s face it. Jeans can be pretty pricey and because I live in a studio apartment, space is limited. I actually used to do a lot of sewing and have been thinking about picking that back up. What do you think? Something you would be interested in reading more about? Anyways, I found my little seam ripper, scissors and got to work. Seam rippers are super cheap and you can get them almost anywhere.

Use a seam ripper to DIY distressed and ripped knee jeans! Super easy in 1-2-3 steps.

DIY Ripped Knee Jeans

DIY ripped knee jeans. Easy 1-2-3 step guide
Ripped knee jeans are definitely in every store this season, but it’s so easy to make a pair of your own. If you have a pair of jeans you almost never wear, just take a pair of seam rippers and cut straight across the knee. I recommend wearing the jeans, use a pencil to make a mark to make sure you get the actual knee :) Jeans are from Zara last year.

DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans6 DIY ripped knee jeans. Easy 1-2-3 step guide

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DIY Distressed Denim

DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans4Distressed denim add’s an extra edge to any pair of jeans. I’ve heard of people using cheese grinders to make the distressed effect and that’s perfect if you don’t want actual holes, but just a worn look.

To get holes with distressed effects around it, make a small cut with the seam ripper, and then start pulling out the threads in one direction from the cut. Most jeans have a strain sideways and down. You’d want to pull out the seams going sideways. Jeans are Mavi’s from Stitch Fix.

DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans1 DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans2 DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans9

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DIY Raw Hem Jeans

DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans8It’s all about the raw hem this season right? If you have a pair of straight and maybe even a little too short pair of jeans, this is the perfect diy hack. Find a small pair of scissors or just use the seam ripper again and rip the seams of your hem on the inside. Be careful so you don’t rip the actual jean leg. Jean hem’s are usually only sewn one time, but folded multiple. After you’ve ripped the seem, unfold the hem and steam it straight. That’s it! Jeans are Joe’s from Nordstrom Rack.

DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans3 DIY-ripped-knee-distressed-jeans8

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And there you have it, three new pairs of jeans with one little seam ripper :) Do you usually repurpose clothing? Instead of throwing away perfectly fine jeans or wasting money on new jeans, why not just give your old jeans a makeover? A how-to guide on how to give your jeans a DIY makeover for spring and summer is up on the blog! Super easy step-by-step tutorial.

Until Next Time, Hadet På Badet! 

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  1. Do take up sewing! I’d love to see some projects and tips. Years ago, I was excellent at sewing; now I’ve lost my skills and need some Easy Does It starter projects. Happy Day!

    1. Hi Jan! Yay! Same here, but I want to get started again! I’ll dig up some good projects and share more :) Thanks so much!

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