How to Pace Yourself Running!

How to Pace Yourself Running- Repolished.comLast year, I ran my first Half Marathon and when I first signed up, I didn’t really know how to train for a half marathon. I did a lot of research online, perused Pinterest for quick programs and read half of the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training! I think my biggest takeaway after talking to people who frequently run half marathons and through my research, was to pace myself. Steady pace finishes the race!

When I trained last time around, I didn’t really know how to pace myself. I had never used a heart rate monitor and just ran in whatever pace I felt comfortable with in the moment. I usually ended up with a faster pace in the beginning and then slowing down as the run progressed. 

After reading this awesome post about race pace bands by Run Wiki, I now know that’s called positive splits. Not really what you want to aim for! You really want to go for even splits throughout your run or what’s called negative splits. That’s when you run slower in the beginning then at the end.

I don’t know why, but the visuals of having a race band with the time you’re supposed to finish each mile at, made it a lot easier for me to understand! If I could just hold one pace throughout each mile, I would at least manage to do even splits, which is ideal.

I am currently training for my second half marathon and I am using this 8-week program that I created during my last race. 8 week half marathon training program- How to train for a half marathon in 8 weeks! #fitfluential #running #halfmarathon Click To Tweet

The course for the half marathon goes along Embarcadero and through the Marina and Presidio before it goes over the Golden Gate Bridge. This section of the race is WINDY. You’re basically running with full blast wind against you the entire first 10 miles. Yep, not ideal for speed running! I try to run here a few times during training as well so I know what it feels like before the big day. Here is a little peak at the windy trail!

This weekend I ran 8 miles and decided to test out the pacing technique. I usually run at 9-9:45 in the first mile and then I slow all the way down to 12 min per mile at the end when I run long distance (more than 7 miles). I decided to do 11 min per mile because it’s somewhere in between my fastest and slowest milage during that course. I just got a new Fitbit Charge HR and I used that combined with the activity tracker feature on the Fitbit app to keep track of my pace and milage.

How to pace yourself running using the Fitbit Charge HR- Repolished.comI forgot to take a screenshot of the pace tracker when running, but here is one from today just to show you how the app looks like. I just made sure my avg. pace was between 10:50-11 throughout my run.How to track your pace with the Fitbit App- Repolished.comAt first it was hard to slow down in the beginning, but after a while I found my stride and it really helped to have a set pace in mind! When I finished, I was so proud to see my mile splits! Between 10:49 and 11:05 the entire 8 miles! I actually feel a lot more confident in setting a time in mind for my next race.Use the Fitbit App to Pace your average mile- Repolished.comRunning The Golden Gate Bridge- Repolished.comHave you ever tried to set a pace for each mile? And who is running the 1st half of the San Francisco Half Marathon with me?

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