I Signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon! Again!

I did it again! I signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon. Last year I went to BlogHer right before my race and prepped really nicely horribly with hard concrete conference floors and wine for days right before my race. Mhm! You read that right. I came home around 8.30PM Saturday and got up 4.30AM the next day a few hours later to run the race. Needless to say, it was not my best decision or race, but it was my first one and I finished! And who can resist this view during a race?

San Francisco MarathonI am going to BlogHer again this year as well (yay for New York!), but I checked the schedule and it finishes up a week before :) Which reminds me, I should do a recap of last year if anybody is interested? It was my first big blogging conference and I really liked it!

Last year was also my first time running a half marathon, which you can read more aboutΒ here andΒ here. I haven’t been working out as much as I did around this time last year, but I feel more prepared this time around just knowing that I am actually able to cover the distance without passing out!? I’ll be using April to get back into pre-race-training shape.Β Anyone else running a half marathon this spring/summer?

I created a 8 Week Half Marathon Training Program last year and I think I’ll use the same thing this time around with a few tweaks her and there. I really want to improve my time from last year so I think I’ll add more strength exercises in there too. Any extra advice on preparing for my next big race? I am going to make a 30 day prep plan and then tweak my running plan. Keep an eye out for the full plan soon :)

8 week half marathon training planUntil Next Time, Hadet PΓ₯ Badet!

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