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Weekend Recap!

How is it Wednesday already? I feel like the weekend barely ended and I wanted to give you guys a little recap! Usually on Friday’s when the clock strikes five, we’ll have an improvised happy hour at work. We’ll have a glass of wine or two and chat about the week that has gone by. I love these little spontaneous, but also somewhat regular recaps. It’s totally casual and super fun! 

Earlier in the week we got our second BlueApron box (more details on that later) and I made the sparerib burger with sweet potato fries/slices for dinner on Friday night. It was incredible! I forgot to take a pic, but I am sure I’ll make it again! Or if you search the #blueapron on Instagram, you’ll see a ton! 

San Francisco City hike- Repolished.comOn Saturday I set out on a city hike with a good friend of mine! I love discovering new areas of the city and we decided to walk all the way down to this building resources store that I have been wanting to check out for a while. My DIY brain went nuts! However my new goal is to have a plan before I buy DIY materials so empty handed we continued our discovery day! The weather has been amazing in San Francisco lately and we took full advantage! We continued through Potrero Hill and into Mission. We were actually on the hunt for BI-Rite ice cream, but so were everyone else :) The line was around the block all the way up to the next street so we skipped it. Better luck next time. And as a bonus, we ended up walking almost 10 miles according to my Fitbit

San Francisco City hike- Repolished.comSan Francisco Building Resources, DIY Heaven! - Repolished.comSan Francisco Building Resources, DIY Heaven! - Repolished.comSan Francisco City hike- Repolished.comSan Francisco City hike- Repolished.comSan Francisco City hike- Repolished.comOn Sunday, I got some errands done and decided to head down to the Yerba Buena park. I was initially planning on going to the beach, but the ultimate laziness kicked in and I didn’t want to drive the 30 min. Lazy, I know. I headed down to the park and found a cozy little spot right by the water fountains! I love this place. It’s actually a memorial for Martin Luther King and truly a beautiful lunge in the heart of the city. I also discovered a new restaurant with patio seating that I had never seen before! I’ve got to check it out soon! San Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comSan Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comSan Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comSan Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comStitch Fix Shorts- Repolished.comRocked my new Stitch Fix shorts in the park. In love with the vibrant print!

How was your weekend?

Until next time, Hadet På Badet! 

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How To Reupholster Easily, A Step-By-Step Guide

We have had this chair for a long time and even though my boyfriend have tried to throw it away multiple times  I always wanted to keep it and change the fabric. The framework is beautiful but let´s be honest the old fabric wasn’t too pretty. After moving it to our new place and having it stand here for 3 months untouched, I figured it was time to get it done. So here is my step-by-step guide on how to reupholster a chair.

How to reupholster a chair? An easy Step-by-step guide

Here is the “beauty” before I started my work. Pretty huh? If you dont look at that dated “Hansel and Gretel” inspired, faded fabric. Otherwise the chair is actually in good shape, which is great because then I dont have to do any reconstruction.

So How to reupholster a chair? Here is what I did step-by-step

1. I started off by ripping off the existing fabric. Or I actually started with the lining all around, which came off pretty easily, and then moved on to the fabric. You are supposed to do this very carefully so you can use the ripped off piece as a patten later on. Of course I read this when I was already halfway done, but it didn’t go to crazy so I kind of had it in one piece when I was done.

How to reupholster a chair? An easy Step-by-step guide

The lining came off pretty easily since it was glued on probably 20-30 years ago!

2. On the picture above you can see the staples that the fabric is attached with. I actually used a screwdriver with a sharp tip (Ikea starter set) to unhook the staples, as I am not a reupholster professional and more of a DIY kind of girl. As I unhooked the staple, I pulled them out with a plier. I know there are tools purposed for reupholstering, but since this was my first try, I stuck to my tools.

How to reupholster a chair? An easy Step-by-step guide

You can see the chair looks a little “scuffed up” because of the removal of the staples, but dont worry as long as it is underneath where the fabric goes.

3. After I finished removing all the fabric and trimming I cut up similar pieces in my new fabric with some extra lingering around the edges.

This is the new fabric I chose to put on my chair! Or a close up view so you can see the details. Nice huh?

4. I used my staple gun to attach the fabric. The most important thing here is to stay within the lines of where the old fabric was attached and keep the fabric as tight as you can! If it´s your first time, dont use striped fabric. That was the advice I got, and now I understand why. The staples should be pretty close together to keep the fabric tight and to not get “wrinkles”.

5. After I attached all the fabric, I trimmed the edges with a scissor as close as possible to the stables.

6. I got my glue gun ready and started applying the trim over the edges of the fabric to cover them and the staples all around the edges.

7. After I was done I went over the edges and made sure everything was covered up and that the trim was glued tight.

8. The result? Not to bad for a first timer:) Here it is! What do you think?

How to reupholster a chair? An easy Step-by-step guide


How to reupholster a chair? An easy Step-by-step guide

How to reupholster a chair? An easy Step-by-step guide

Jersey Maxi dress made from a tank top pattern!

I have wanted a maxi dress for ages, but I never seem to find one that I like. The shape is usually off , the fabric is not quite right or the pattern is too boring or too crazy. On my trip to the fabric store a while ago I picked up this really cool knitted jersey in white and grey stripes and I decided to sew my own maxi dress with my own pattern!

The fabric I used for making the maxi dress

I didn’t have any pattern and even after looking around online, I couldn’t really find any that I completely loved. And to be honest, my printer was out of ink and I was to lazy to go walk 3 miles either to buy new ink or to the closest print shop on a sunday:)

So the solution came to me in a tank top! I have a few that I really like the shape of and I folded it in halv and marked around on some parchment paper. I added some seam allowance of about half an inch ( 1-1,5 cm) on each side and cropped the neckline to a high v-neck in the front. Normally I would not add seam allowance to the fold (the back or mid section front of the tank top) because you are not sewing anything here, but this tank top is a little tighter than I would like my dress to be so I added all the way around.

Back. Added seam allowance all the way around. Usually I would not do the back, but the tank top is a little tighter than I would like my dress to be.

I then laid out my fabric with the inside out and enough width for the “pattern” to cover and made sure the stripes were aligning front to back. At the end of the tank top pattern I continued the line with a slight curve going out all the way down to the end of the fabric. I had measured in advance how long I wanted it and added a few inches to that. It is always better to have a little to much on the length instead of having it be just a little too short, especially when sewing without a pattern.

One of the sides cut and ready

After cutting out both pieces, I pinned them up together on both sides with zig zag stitches since I was doing a jersey knit (very important detail!). I tried on the fit and had to do some smaller adjustments to the waist for a perfect fit. After stitching it up, I pressed the hem and overcasted the ends (See your sewing machine manual for overcasting stitches, basically zig zag along the end of the line so it wont fall apart). I closed up the arm holes and neckline by doing a fold and sew. I sewed an overcast stitch to all the edges for them not to flare and then folded in about 1/4 of an inch (0,75 cm) and pressed it down with an iron. I then folded again and sewed with a lightening stitch (it is probably not called that, but it looks like a lightening on the sewing machine so I am calling it that). I also had to adjust the neckline somewhat as I wanted it a little lover then my first cut (Again, I have learned along the way that it is always better to have a little more than less fabric to work with).

And thats it! Took me probably a few hours to make, but I am sure if you are more efficient you could pull it off in an hour.

The result! You cant see the top part as well here, but it had medium broad shoulders like a tank top:)

What do you think?