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How to Unshrink Clothes!

Have you ever done laundry and had the “uh oh” moment? Yep, so have I. More than once in fact! It’s usually something that’s not supposed to go in the dryer and somehow it ended up there anyways. I finally found a method to unshrink clothing and it actually works!How to Unshrink Clothing - 3 Easy StepsShirt from H&M

How to unshrinkΒ clothes

  1. Fill up a bucket/bowl of lukewarm water. Make sure it’s not too hot.
  2. Add in 1 tbls of soft hair conditioner. I usually use this one, but I am sure any kind of soft conditioner would work.
  3. Soak the piece of clothing for 30 minutes and gently stretch the piece of clothing back to its original shape.Β Hand wash to rinse out the conditioner and lay flat to dry.

And it’s as good as new! :) This has worked every time I try it! The conditioner relaxes the fibers of the clothing and makes it soft so it’s easy to stretch back into shape.

I hope you liked the tip!

Until Next Time, Hadet pΓ₯ Badet!

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