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All my Fave Magazines in One App?

Whenever I go to the grocery store I tend to flip through the magazines as I am waiting in line to checkout. I see a good food one here and a cool fashion one there and just as I am about to make a decision on which one to buy, I am reminded by my sensible self, that I don’t need a million magazines cluttering up my tiny apartment and I can probably find all that stuff on Pinterest anyways. Do you think I ever search out the things I love in the magazine on Pinterest? Usually not.All my favorite magazines in one app? Yes Please! Next Issue Review- Repolished.com

I do love reading magazines though! Getting some new inspiration on delicious recipes, spring trends, organizing tips, everything! I just wish they didn’t take up so much space and if I were to buy all the ones I like, it would cost a fortune!

When I was at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Scottsdale last month, Next Issue was there and I had vaguely heard of them, but didn’t really know what it is. Now I can attest, it’s the coolest thing ever! It’s like Netflix for magazines! It’s an app where you get access to almost any magazine right in your Ipad!  You pay only $ 9.99 a month for all monthly magazines or $ 14.99 for all monthly and weekly magazines. That’s the same as two fashion magazines, or one cooking one. Except here you get them all.Next Issue Review- Netflix for Magtazines! - Repolished.com

They had a free trial at the conference and I signed up right away! I love that I can now read all my favorite magazines without the clutter and at a decent price!

Sign up for a FREE 30 Days trial here! 

Try it out and let me know what you think?

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Until Next Time, Hadet å Badet!

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