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Norwegian Recipes: Skillingsbollekake!

Norwegian Recipes: Skillingsbollekake or Cinnamon Rolls Cake - Perfect for a cold day in front of the fireplace! This post contains affiliate links and I’ll earn a small fee if you use my links to make a purchase. Using affiliate links allows me to share more recipes and great content with you. Thank you so much for your support! All opinions are my own and I will only share products and brands that I approve of and love! 

It’s getting crisper outside and Fall is right around the corner, if not here already. There is nothing like a good cup of hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls while watching the wind pick up leaves outside this time of year. In Bergen, where I am from in Norway, it used to rain a ton so fall would include lots of inside weather and everyone would do anything to make it extra cozy.

Skillingsboller or cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite Norwegian Recipes and there are tons of different types you can make, but today I’ll share one with a twist. I am a total sucker for baked goods, so delicious! I’ve shared the recipes for regular Skillingsboller and Skoleboller in the past if you’re looking for something even sweeter with a little coconut kick. Continue reading

A Norwegian review of PLÄJ, San Francisco

Last weekend I got invited to go along with a bunch of Norwegians, Swedes and even Americans to test the new hot scandinavian restaurant in San Francisco, PLÄJ. I heard some rumors about the place, but I didn’t really know what to expect, other than something scandinavian.

The restaurant itself describes PLÄJ like this:

“Introducing PLÄJ, a new innovative concept from Swedish born Owner/Chef Roberth Sundell where California fare and Scandinavian flavors become one. PLÄJ is a celebration of local and seasonal ingredients inspired by the rustic flavors and simple elegance of Scandinavian cusine. PLÄJ embodies the soul of Scandinavia,the place to share the experience of new flavors, great wine, Scandinavian beer, and cocktails.”

The restaurant is not to big, but just the right size with a cozy ambiance. We got one of the bigger tables all the way in the back center, given that we were around 10 people. The menu offered numerous delicious temptations included fun facts about the different countries in Scandinavia. I eventually took an executive decision and went for the swedish meatballs, which were amazing! I have eaten my share of meatballs in my life, and I have got to say, these ones were way up there.

The restaurant really embraced the Scandinavian theme with a tall blond waitress (stereotype much?), and our check was delivered in a Swedish/English pocket dictionary, which added a cool touch. I can imagine that all the “Swedish/Norwegian/Danish” Americans who live in San Francisco are going to go crazy about this place. One thing is for sure, I will be back!:)

After a delicious meal, some nice Wine, great conversations we were all pretty content!:)

You can check out the menu here:  PLÄJ Dinner menu

Enjoy!:) I know I did!

Dinner at Plaj, And I dont know why my Iphone decided to put devil eyes on everybody, but hey it gives you an idea of the nice dinner we had:)

Linn Skjei Bjørnsen took a lot better pictures that night:)

Linn Skjei Bjørnsen took a lot better pictures that night:)