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Weekend Recap: Ocean Beach and Straight Outta Compton

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? San Francisco has been really warm lately, which is weird and nice all at the same time.  Last weekend it was in the high eighty’s in the city and by noon my apartment is like a sauna! We have windows all along one side of the apartment and the sun shines on from early morning until late night. I decided to head straight for the beach!

Ocean Beach Adventure

Beach Outfit: Navy Lacoste Polo Shirt with Denim Shorts, Ray Bans, Sandals and a Plaid Shirt tied around the waist for cooler beach nights- Repolished.comOutfit Details: Top Lacoste, Shorts Ralph Lauren (Similar), Shoes Franco Sarto (Similar), Plaid Shirt Stitch Fix, Sunglasses Ray Ban.

It’s quite the trek out there with the 30-40 min train, but with some tunes on my Spotify and knowing what’s at the end, it was worth it. At Ocean Beach you can take the muni all the way out and it stops right across the street from the beach. Just hop off and you can feel the fresh ocean breeze. I love being by the water. The ocean smell, warm sand, the smell of sunscreen, happy people all around and to top it off, hopefully a cooler full of delicious food and drinks!  Continue reading

Weekend Recap!

How is it Wednesday already? I feel like the weekend barely ended and I wanted to give you guys a little recap! Usually on Friday’s when the clock strikes five, we’ll have an improvised happy hour at work. We’ll have a glass of wine or two and chat about the week that has gone by. I love these little spontaneous, but also somewhat regular recaps. It’s totally casual and super fun! 

Earlier in the week we got our second BlueApron box (more details on that later) and I made the sparerib burger with sweet potato fries/slices for dinner on Friday night. It was incredible! I forgot to take a pic, but I am sure I’ll make it again! Or if you search the #blueapron on Instagram, you’ll see a ton! 

San Francisco City hike- Repolished.comOn Saturday I set out on a city hike with a good friend of mine! I love discovering new areas of the city and we decided to walk all the way down to this building resources store that I have been wanting to check out for a while. My DIY brain went nuts! However my new goal is to have a plan before I buy DIY materials so empty handed we continued our discovery day! The weather has been amazing in San Francisco lately and we took full advantage! We continued through Potrero Hill and into Mission. We were actually on the hunt for BI-Rite ice cream, but so were everyone else :) The line was around the block all the way up to the next street so we skipped it. Better luck next time. And as a bonus, we ended up walking almost 10 miles according to my Fitbit

San Francisco City hike- Repolished.comSan Francisco Building Resources, DIY Heaven! - Repolished.comSan Francisco Building Resources, DIY Heaven! - Repolished.comSan Francisco City hike- Repolished.comSan Francisco City hike- Repolished.comSan Francisco City hike- Repolished.comOn Sunday, I got some errands done and decided to head down to the Yerba Buena park. I was initially planning on going to the beach, but the ultimate laziness kicked in and I didn’t want to drive the 30 min. Lazy, I know. I headed down to the park and found a cozy little spot right by the water fountains! I love this place. It’s actually a memorial for Martin Luther King and truly a beautiful lunge in the heart of the city. I also discovered a new restaurant with patio seating that I had never seen before! I’ve got to check it out soon! San Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comSan Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comSan Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comSan Francisco Yerba Bueno Park- Repolished.comStitch Fix Shorts- Repolished.comRocked my new Stitch Fix shorts in the park. In love with the vibrant print!

How was your weekend?

Until next time, Hadet På Badet! 

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