That Time I Met Sarah Jessica Parker!

This past weekend I was in Vegas with my favorite sidekick, and I randomly met Sarah Jessica Parker! There is not a lot of celebrities I would make a big fuzz over, but I totally “fangirled” out when I met her! Obviously. I have grown up in my teens and again in my early twenties watching Sex and the City and can probably tell you what happens in every single episode. Needless to say, I am a big fan! That Time I met Sarah Jessica Parker - Repolished.comWe stayed at the Aria and after checking in we decided to go check out the Crystals mall, which is connected to the hotel. I noticed a popup shop with shoes and immediately wanted to go in, who doesn’t right? I knew it was her brand, but it actually took me a couple of minutes browsing in the store before I realized, oh holy sh*t! Sarah Jessica Parker is sitting right there! Like two feet away from me. Woah! That time I met Sarah Jessica Parker- Repolished.comAt first I didn’t really know what to do with myself, but somehow I found out that if you bought a pair of shoes, you would get a meet and greet. I didn’t even think straight and immediately started trying on shoes! Her shoes are so cute! They are of course very inspired by her character, Carrie from Sex and the City, but I love that. I found my dream shoes (in the picture below), but they were a little pricey for what I could use them for. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy them if I ever have a wedding dress to wear with them! Once I found another pair that was more in my price bucket, I went over to get my tag signed.IMG_1601 IMG_1599I didn’t know what to expect, but she is the nicest person and so tiny! She was helping people around in the store, getting the right size and even signed an extra candle for a charity this woman ahead of me in line was very committed to. I chatted with her for a few minutes and almost died when she said she loved my name and my hat! I feel like that is the biggest fashion compliment I could ever get! I had been traveling all morning and wasn’t exactly ready for a photo shot so for her to say that? Made my day! She felt bad I had to order the shoes online, because they didn’t have my size, so she signed an empty box for me so I would have it when they arrived, so nice! She signed it, ” to Hege, my best! SJP” Swoon!That Time I met Sarah Jessica Parker - Repolished.comBest memory! Have you ever met your dream celebrity or idol? I think I’ll live on this one for a while!

If you want to buy her shoes, you can because they sell them at Zappos now! Free shipping and free returns :) Here are some of my favorites!


SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker -




Until Next Time, Hadet På Badet!

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