The Color Run San Francisco 2014!

Yesterday I did the color run again! I did the color run back in 2012 and that was actually the first time I ran for more than 4 minutes straight! I had actually not planned on running the whole thing because we were just going for the color and the fun. Somehow I got “stuck” with two friends of my friends who were used to running half marathons so I don’t know what happened, but I guess the competitor in me set in because I ran the whole 5K with them! When we finished, I was so proud of myself. That’s when I started to believe that I could actually be a runner. Since then I have ran 3-4 mile (5-6KM) runs on a regular basis (and 10K over the holidays actually) and I am in much better shape. As I was running the course this time around, I took advantage of the moments and took some time to reflect for myself on how far I have come. If you are just starting out, I can really recommend the color run! There are people of all ages and all sizes participating and they don’t even track your time. Its a fun run, and the only requirement is that you have fun!

The color run this year was bigger and even better than last time around. We were also more prepared with a change of clothes, a towel for the seat in the car after and some snacks. After the run, they have a concert with music, dancing and lots and lots of color throws! And with San Francisco summer weather, it was a perfect Saturday!

Back view


Front view



Ready for the color throw (with a plastic bag on my phone)





  1. Dette s¨utrolig gøy ut! Hvorvor har vi ikke sånne kjekke løp her hjemme i Norge?
    hadde kanskje vært litt redd for å få maling i øynene, men ser at du hadde solbriller på :)

    1. Ja det var kjempegøy Karianne! Kanskje du skal starte det hjemme i Norge! Er bare fargepulver så er ikke farlig å få i ansiktet, men jeg hadde solbriller og det var digg!;) Her har de nå både color run, neon run, promdress run, 80’s run and mange flere!;)

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